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CITYPROGRESS, sustainable and responsible urban logistics

CITYPROGRESS is part of the ecological transition and responds to the new challenges of downtown delivery :

  • Reduce negative externalities, reduce pollution, noise…
  • Improve operator safety
  • Reduce arduous work and enhance the delivery profession
  • Increase hourly delivery performance by reducing handling times

CITYPROGRESS designs, manufactures and markets handling and transport solutions for heavy loads (pallets and large packages). CITYPROGRESS offers two products intended for actors in the supply chain.

CITYCARGO, electric and capacity vehicle (2 pallets, payload 1000 kg) dedicated to local intra-urban logistics and intended for providers of the last KM operating from the Urban Logistics Warehouses

CITYLIFT, pallet handling equipment for light commercial vehicles 3.5 t dedicated to Mail and Expressists operating from peri-urban logistics platforms.

The innovation concerns the IN / OUT BOARD automated system which equips the 2 products and makes it possible to load or unload two pallets to be tracked without handling the delivery person in the vehicle :

  • Time saving during load breaking operations (1 minute per pallet)
  • Improvement of security conditions
  • Reduction of physical efforts

  Versatility of use

Pallet loading / unloading on land

Pallet loading / unloading at height
(platform or truck floor)

Parcel unloading at an ergonomic height
(adjustable height)

CITYPROGRESS will be at the SITL DIGITAL Exhibit from 23 to 26 june

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